Owning Your Dream Property on Hvar: A Step-by-Step Guide

MyHvar, your trusted real estate partner, is here to guide you through each step with ease.

1. Dive into Our Exclusive Listings:

Start your journey by exploring MyHvar's curated selection of properties. We showcase a diverse range of options across the island, from charming flats to stunning villas. Tell us about your dream location, and our local experts will help you discover the perfect fit.

2. Partner with Local Real Estate Experts:

You won't be going it alone. MyHvar's team of local real estate experts are more than just listing agents. They possess an intimate knowledge of Hvar's market and its unique charm. They'll provide valuable insights and ensure a smooth experience throughout your property search.

3. Legal Know-How Made Easy:

Purchasing property in Croatia involves specific legal considerations. MyHvar's trusted network of local attorneys and notaries will ensure your purchase aligns seamlessly with Hvar's laws and regulations. 

4. Secure Your Unique Identification Number (OIB):

To complete various transactions in Croatia, including real estate purchases, you'll need a Unique Identification Number (OIB). MyHvar's team or your local lawyer can guide you through the process of obtaining this essential ID from the Croatian Tax Administration.

5. Navigate Preliminary Agreements (if applicable):

In some cases, a preliminary agreement might be required. This often involves a deposit and lays the groundwork for the main sales contract. Your MyHvar expert will explain if this step applies to your situation.

6. Sign the Main Sales Contract:

Signing this contract is a momentous step, marking you as the future owner of your island paradise.

7. Complete Land Registry Registration:

Your local lawyer will handle the registration of your new property at the Hvar Land Registry. This finalizes the legal transfer of ownership, officially making you part of the Hvar community.

8. Fulfill Tax Obligations and Fees:

There's a one-time tax of 3% associated with buying real estate in Croatia. MyHvar can help ensure you're aware of all relevant taxes and fees, guaranteeing a smooth transaction on Hvar.

9. Transfer of Possession and Utilities:

Once registration is complete, you'll take possession of your new property. MyHvar can also assist with the seamless transfer of utilities, allowing you to quickly settle into the comfort of your island home.