Understanding Jelsa's Regulations

Understanding Jelsa's Regulations

Before you unleash your inner architect, it's essential to understand the local building regulations.

Build Your Vision on Buildable Land:

Once you find the perfect plot, keep in mind that construction is generally permitted on 30% of the total land area. This means that for a plot of 600 square meters, you can potentially build a ground floor of 180 square meters. Additionally, the plot must have access to a road, either directly connected to a public road or through an adjacent plot with the owner's approval. If you lack access to a public road, you won't be able to obtain a building permit. In consolidated parts of the settlement, access roads can also be pedestrian, and in these areas, rules regarding the minimum permissible building density do not apply.

Minimum Lot Size Considerations:

For houses or apartment buildings, Jelsa sets a minimum requirement of 500 square meters of land. An exception is made for the areas of Libora and Burkovo, where a minimum plot size of 1000 square meters is prescribed. There are certain exceptions to this rule. In some cases, if the building land is surrounded by existing structures or roads, it is possible to build on a smaller plot (up to 25% smaller) with a special permit from the Jelsa Municipality. Additionally, rules regarding the size and shape of the building plot do not apply in consolidated parts of the settlement.

Height Matters:

Jelsa offers flexibility in building height. You can construct ground floors with additional stories, reaching a maximum height of 9 meters. However, in the charming neighborhood of Vitarnja within Jelsa, there is a specific rule limiting building height to 7.5 meters. The land can be raised by a maximum of 1 meter, enabling the foundations of the new building to be at a higher position, thus elevating the building itself. Additionally, above flat roofs, you can build a rooftop terrace, but it must be an integral part of the residential units located directly below the terrace.

Exceptions and Considerations:

Additionally, Jelsa has specific regulations regarding the distance from the road and neighboring plots. Buildings must be at least 4 meters away from neighboring properties and 5 meters from the road. Moreover, your neighbor can grant you special permission to build within 2 meters of their boundary. In consolidated areas of the settlement, the distance between buildings and adjacent plots must be a minimum of 2 meters. Structures can be built adjacent to the property line with the neighbor's consent, or even directly on the street line, provided it doesn't violate specific safety regulations. If the neighboring structure is already built on the boundary of the plot, a new structure can also be built on that same boundary without the neighbor's consent.

Disclaimer and Continuous Updates:

Building regulations can evolve over time. While MyHvar strives to provide the most accurate information, we recommend consulting with local authorities or a qualified architect for the latest details.

Coming Soon: Building Regulations in Other Municipalities

Stay tuned for upcoming articles exploring the building regulations in the remaining three municipalities on Hvar island. We'll highlight any key differences to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.